McDonald's Quarter Pounder - "Speechless"


McDonald’s was built on great tasting burgers. But over time, people stopped believing in them due to a lack of quality. In fact, when it came to taste, our burgers were ranked dead last. So how do you reclaim your rightful place as the burger leader?


We took the words right out of naysayers’ mouths with a 100% fresh beef, cooked right when you order burger that’s hotter and juicier than ever before. A burger so good, it leaves everyone speechless.  


  • > 440 million YouTube masthead impressions from "Speechless Thoughts" masthead takeover

  • Twitter engagement rate of 63% for unboxing video with Charles Barkley (27% higher than overall avg.)

  • SIXTY SECOND ASMR(ish) video on Snapchat outperformed Snapchat benchmark by 29%

  • Search demand for "McDonald's Quarter Pounder" increased by 300%

  • Searching for "McDonald's new burger" increased by 400%

  • > 100,000,000 Quarter Pounders sold in the first 8 weeks (most successful launch of the year)


Fast Company

Little Black Book



#TheYouTubeAd of the Year

Silver ADDY // EOA // Digital Creative Technology // Innovative Use of Interactive/Technology

Silver ADDY // Online/Interactive // Social Media // Single Execution


We let John Goodman play with his food and fans ate it up. See what I did there?






We even “hacked” YouTube, giving fans a peek inside the minds of their favorite celebs and social influencers with a first-of-its-kind twist on closed captioning.


CCO - Toygar Bazarkaya

Max Geraldo - ECD

Josh Mizrahi / Matt Dalin / Jimmy Dietzen - CDs

Jeff Barry - ACD Copywriter

Jonathan Pliego / Philipe Diao - ACD Art Director

Brandon Zach - Copywriter