2017 Hyundai ELANTRA LAUNCH - “Not just new. Better.”


Distractions happen daily. All it takes for an accident to occur is a moment. So how do we show that the 2017 Elantra has safety features that make life better for all?


What if a car could look out for you? With Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, the 2017 Elantra can. We broke the 4th wall by showing our driver distracted by YouTube's 'Skip Ad' button. As for the rest, see for yourself.


Within the first 2 weeks, 79% of viewers were
captivated by our ad, watching it through to
completion. The average completion rate for
:15 TrueView skippable content is only 55%.
Our ad performed at a 24% increase over the
average in completed views.


Graphis // Gold
IAB MIXX Awards 2016 // Bronze
ADDY // Silver // Internet Commercial (Single)
ADDY // Elements of Advertising // Cinematography


CD(s): Marcin Markiewicz & Jamin Duncan
ACD (AD): Charles Gerstner
Sr. CW: Jeff Barry
CW: Kate Steinberg