FINISH LINE - "Shoes so fresh"


How do we hone in on the competitive nature of sneaker fashion while showing that Finish Line offers "fresher" sneakers than the competition with 5x their spend?


Starting with "Yo Momma" jokes from the 90's, we came up with "Shoes So Fresh" and then made fun of its absurdity. We also showcased the latest sneaker fashion and weaved in social sneaker influencers and a well-known rapper and his french bulldog.


Best of Show ADDY - "Shoes so Fresh" Campaign

Gold ADDY - Copywriting

Graphis (Gold)

Silver ADDY - Internet Commercial (Single)

Shorty - Best Use of Comedy


"BATTLE" Online :60(ish) - (Ft. Deshawn Raw, Kick genius, and 2 Chainz)

SOCIAL :10 Videos