Hi, I’m Jeff Barry.
Currently, I’m Freelance in Chicago but open to full-time, temp. relocation and remote.
You can reach me via:
C: (310) 995-4355
E: jeffmbarry@gmail.com
And download my resume here.



“Well, I don’t hate it.” — John Goodman (About the 2 spots I wrote for him. His agent said that’s a big compliment.)

“I want my puppy in the commercial.” – 2 Chainz (And we happily obliged.)

“Hmph.” — Charles Barkley (His mouth was full of our delicious McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, but pretty sure he meant “great idea!”)

“Thank god you grew into a nice adult!” – My mom


My earliest memory of advertising? 4th grade; other kids made fun of my last name by singing me the jingle to Berry Berry Kix cereal. Maybe that’s what drove me to my love of Cinnamon Toast Crunch...and therapy.

Speaking of therapy, why the whole “Ad Shrink” thing? I almost went into Clinical Psychology but found I could merge my passion for creativity and solving others’ problems into one. Now, instead of treating patients, I get to analyze my co-workers’ and clients. Just kidding, but not really.