As a Copywriter, the fact that I like to write is a given. But to emphasize how much I really like to write, here are some blogs I wrote for Advertising Week's Social Club.

Bringing A Hero to Life

“When the opportunity presented itself to physically go behind the scenes of a massive social media event for a massively popular third-person shooter franchise, who was I to say no?…”

Sweat the Small Stuff

“And while I’m far from mastering the art of copy, Krav Maga has become my greatest teacher in humility – and an outlet for any stirrings of negativity…”

Walk Away

“Creativity is like a relationship; it happens when you least expect it, or rather, when you’re not looking for it. Some of my best ideas have graced my presence only when I’ve walked away from them…”

Welcome to the Real World

“But all good things must come to an end, and in less than a year, I found myself on the receiving end of one of the worst economic downturns since The Great Depression…”

Let’s Get Integrated

“We begin with the appetizer – the strategy – to whet the appetites of our judges, giving them a small taste of what’s to come. Then comes the entrée, the tactical executions that prove to our evaluators that our strategy wasn’t landed on by sheer luck; we’ve thought this through. And for dessert…”

Find Your Coachella

“Creativity is our lifeblood and the moment you feel yourself running on empty, it’s time to put more fuel in the tank…”