The Man Behind the Man…
Behind the Copywriter

Id (The Fun Stuff)

  • Adventure seeker (Just got back from backpacking solo through Japan)
  • Beer enthusiast (self-trained hop head with home brewing on my bucket list)
  • Circumstantial athlete (Currently practicing Krav Maga self-defense to stay in shape and maintain my sanity)

Ego (Reality Check)

  • Considered a career in Psychology only to fall victim to Advertising’s evil clutches (Analyze that)
  • Wanted a dog, but lacked a backyard (Adopted a demonic cat instead; I have the scars to prove it)
  • Realized competitive gaming in fantasy land wasn’t financially viable (Ex-MMORPG semi-badass)

Super-Ego (Conscience)

  • Helped rebuild a house in Lake Charles, LA post Hurricane Rita (Drank a few too many hurricanes too)
  • Created pro-bono dog adoption ads for the Glendale Humane Society (Future animal hoarder)
  • Raised over $300 for men’s prostrate cancer awareness with my 1st mustache (Made for great female repellant)