Graphics and internal computer memory are constantly fighting for resources; it's a war zone. So how do we show that AMD's new A-Series APU, a graphics and CPU hybrid, can help relieve an overrun system?


In a digital graphic novel approach, we created characters and a story arc out of PC computer components and targeted gamers. In the end, we showed that AMD’s A-Series APU is packed with enough features and firepower to win any battle. 

Note: The series was supposed to contain 12 videos in all, but a new CMO came in mid-launch and killed the budget for the rest. Sad day.

Graphic Novel Web Series: Episode 1 - The Return

Graphic Novel Web Series: Episode 2 - Evolution


Creative Director: John McMahon

Copywriter: Jeff Barry

Art Director/Illustrator(s): Casey Walker, Adan Arellano

Microsite: Choose Your Weapon